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One of the many ways that the Middletown Arts Center provides distinctive, equitable access to arts and culture experiences is through our quality, diverse art exhibitions.

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The Wildlife Art of Christopher B. Walden

Annual Reunion Exhibit in memory of Gordon and Betty Hughes


Main Exhibition Hall
Opening 9/8 6-8pm

Live Sketching at Port Middletown Arts and Music Festival 9/9

Exclusive Workshop 9/23

Christopher B. Walden, originally from Auckland New Zealand, came to the States in 1979 for what was supposed to be a 30 day tour. Thirty-six years later he is still here and in the meantime has become a nationally known wildlife artist. Chris' passion for the outdoors began at a very early age. Growing up in New Zealand, Chris was able to experience everything outdoors from working on a sheep farm to sailing the South Pacific. He brought his passion of the outdoors to the States. His thirst for knowledge about these new environments and inhabitants inspired him to capture them in his paintings.

Chris' very realistic style and his ability to capture life in the animal kingdom have endeared him to many collectors around the world. Chris prefers to show the viewer a story of how life is in the wild. Chris feels the need to give back to the lands and animals he paints by making sure that they are still around for many generations to come to enjoy. To accomplish this mission Chris has teamed up with various conservation groups in the US to lend his talents to help raise money and awareness to preserve the habitats that are in danger.

Bio info taken from Chris Walden's website:


Free Bird: A New Series From Logan Walden


Lobby Gallery

Opening Reception September 8, 6-8pm

About the Exhibit:

"Free Bird” is a series of expressive acrylic paintings depicting the diverse and vibrant colors of birds. Stepping away from his usual subject matter, Logan Walden aims to deliver a body of work in the realm of wildlife as an homage to his father, Chris Walden, who is a successful wildlife artist. The "Free Bird" series depicts different birds from around the world with colors that could be imagined in the realm of fantasy, sci-fi, or surrealism - all genres heavily represented in Logan's prior work. Walden's intention for the series is to be energetic and expressive using loose techniques that reveal the painting process while capturing the realistic nature of the birds.

Learn more about Logan and his artwork on his website here:

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