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the 2024 exhibition season is supported by:
the miriam g. knoll foundation & The Middletown Community Foundation

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Current & Upcoming EXhibits

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Annual Reunion Exhibit presented in memory of Gordon and Betty Hughes


Main Exhibition Hall

Opening Reception Friday, 03/15 6-8pm

Live jazz music by Moses Mabarak Quartet ft. Kelli Campbell

Complimentary light bites + special drinks

Artist Statement: In my art, I challenge the societal prejudices responsible for the distortion of our self-perception and that of others. This began with the realization that I had been unconsciously drawing my own nose larger than it actually was, exhibiting my own imposed prejudice. Determined to reclaim my true vision, I meticulously measured and drew my nose, thus unmasking the insidious presence of racism within my own self-perception.​

My transformative process in this series seeks to confront these notions, thus fostering emotional clarity and recognizing vital energy in individuals. Using lines and stripes as metaphors, I explore the tension between inner and external worlds. Through various mediums, I intricately define a sense of interconnectedness, shaping meaning with emotion-infused brushstrokes. My unique artistic language incorporates elements of fauvism, cubism, abstract expressionism, and African art.

The works symbolize a hole in our perceptions of each other that can never truly be filled except with presence. We self-contain this energy of our past and our nature in various ways. The stripes represent that energy and where it is directed- a manifestation of how we filter ourselves, our natural energy, and the tension that surfaces because of that containment- and its influence on interactions between systems of people.

By shedding distorted images, I strive to transform the world- making the truth as unmistakable as the nose on my face. (Full Artist Statement available here)

Pictured: Cropped selection of work to be exhibited by Brian Mathus

Brian Mathus
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Lobby Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, 03/15 6-8pm

Live music + Complimentary light bites

Artist Statement:

I’ve always been intrigued by nature- the way it can look or feel different just by the light, the colors, the air. It’s something I’m drawn to and always have been.


Observing is an important part of my art, whether it be a floral, landscape, or figurative painting, it’s inspired by a careful observation of what I’m seeing, and translating that onto canvas or paper.


In my show “Observations: A Delicate Impression” I hope to express that through my work, to show my impression of nature as I see it, and the beauty it brings to life. 

PLEIN AIR WORKSHOP TO BE HELD APRIL 13. Click here for more details.

Nate Flanagan
Untitled design (7).png

Annual Student Exhibition
Sponsored by Suzie Bennett, in memory of Jay Wright


Main Exhibition Hall

Opening Reception Friday, 05/03 6-8pm

Middletown Arts Center offers art education in Painting, Drawing, Glass, Ceramics, Photography, Fiber, Enameling, Metalworking and more. The talented MAC instructors help hundreds of students each year to develop their artistic skill. Our annual exhibition showcases the best of the best of our students' work.

Prospectus Available Here

Pictured: 2023 Best of Show, Student Peggy Hostetter

Permanent Retrograde.jpg

Kaleidoscopes of Color - Artwork by Tami Beale


Lobby Gallery Opening Reception Friday, 05/03 6-8pm

Jump into a world of endless colors and eccentric patterns with abstract paintings created by Tami Beale. Just like looking into a kaleidoscope, each painting offers a unique and vibrant experience. Each glance reveals new intricacies and delights before your eyes.


Tami Beale is a self taught artist specializing in one-of-a-kind abstract oil and mixed media paintings. Tami's work is an array of vivid colors, textures, and layers. She creates her art without the use of brushes or thinning agents, giving her pieces a distinct allure, which draws the viewers in for a closer look. From whimsical to contemporary, her art provides a touch of distinctiveness to any space. With over two decades of artistic exploration under her belt, Tami's art journey has been fueled by a passion for pushing boundaries and embracing the unknown. Through her work, she seeks to ignite the imagination and inspire the soul.

Artist Statement: Art has always been a personal and therapeutic journey for me and I am so honored that I am able to share it with people who love art as much as I do. I believe that art is a healer, not only to those who create it, but also to those who immerse themselves in it

Pictured: Permanent Retrograde, by exhibiting artist, Tami Beale

Anchor 1

Annual Photography + Digital Art Exhibition


Main Exhibition Hall

Opening Reception Friday, 08/02 6-8pm

Middletown Arts Center presents their annual Photography and Digital Art Competition. Entry details coming soon.

All Professional and Amateur Photographers and Digital Artists ages 16 years or older are eligible to submit digital photographs, film photographs or other digital works of art on our website.

Regional professional and amateur photographers and digital artists compete to exhibit their best work. This esteemed exhibition features a variety of photography and digital art subjects including architecture, landscape, and portraits.

Pictured: Cropped Selection of 2023 Best of Show, "Showgirls in the Shadows" by Alexander Boardman


Between Realms - Works by Chip Williamson


Lobby Gallery

Opening Reception Friday, 08/02 6-8pm

From the artist: Photography has a special way to invite its viewers into the past; into worlds long gone, exposing the reality and the mystery between the “then” and the “now”. Faded images, yellowed through the years, enhance the feeling of time and distance. Photos of the motherland, great grandparents, long-gone babies, historic events, and even past wonders of the world take us into other worlds, where time travel is possible and the mystery of living and dying is revealed for just a moment, somewhere between realms. Read the complete exhibit description and artist statement here.

Pictured: Work from "Between Realms" series by Chip Williamson

2023 Gold Medal Winner  Weeds by Jeanette B Ferguson.jpg

Watercolor Ohio 2024


Main Exhibition Hall

Opening Reception Saturday, 09/21 1-4pm

The 47th Annual Juried Exhibition for the Ohio Watercolor Society

Juror of Selection and Awards: Ken Call

2024 OWS Workshop: People and Figures in Watercolor, 7/16-7/19 More info & Register Here

About the Juror:

Born and raised in Rochelle, Illinois, Ken went on to graduate from the American Academy of Art in 1980 with an Associate Degree in Illustration and Watercolor. After starting his career as a studio artist, he soon branched out and began a successful freelance career, which led to the creation of over 500 illustrations for books, magazines, art publishers, advertising agencies and corporations. During the past few years, Ken made the transition to fine art and portraiture. 

Many of his originals hang in galleries and homes across the country. Several awards have led to Signature status in the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society, Missouri Watercolor Society, Montana Watercolor Society along with being a Master Signature member with the Transparent Watercolor Society of America and Illinois Watercolor Society. 

Pictured: 2023 Ohio Watercolor Society Gold Medal Winner, Weeds by Jeanette B. Ferguson

This exhibit is sponsored by C Robert Buchanan, Architect, and:

trish weeks 2.jpg

Trish Weeks


Lobby Gallery

Opening Reception TBD | Palette Knife Techniques + Expressive Color Workshop on October 19 - More info coming soon

Trish draws inspiration from the organic landscapes in the Midwest and the Carolinas.  She also adds a global perspective by including memories from travels to paint in Europe, India, China, Japan and Nepal where she paints plein air in the environments she is experiencing.  Trish’s signature works portray expressionist views of nature that seem to breathe and vibrate with amazing energy.  These are created by combining simple compositions with complex layers of color using a palette knife to intensify the clarity and impact of the colors.  Her technique with the palette knife shows both delicate detail and also creates bold swaths that intensify the expeience.  Despite her strong technique, her composition and palette maintain a serenity; and the subject maintains a delicacy. 


Trish’s art achieves a unique balance in its constituent elements, which may account for the sense of well being it brings to viewers.  Those who experience her work routinely comment on how good it makes them feel, and describe it as a tactile experience or “a dance with color”.

Pictured: Work by Trish Weeks


Area Art Exhibition


Main Exhibition Hall

Opening Reception Friday 11/08/24, 6pm-8pm

Middletown Arts Center presents the Annual Area Art Exhibition. This juried competition is open to adult artists working in 2D & 3D media. See the best work from artists within a 50 mile radius of Middletown.

Work to be accepted Monday, October 28 - Thursday, October 31 during business hours - check business hours on prospectus (coming soon).

The Area Art Exhibition is presented by Patti Gage in memory and honor of George Robert Gage.

*Due to the high volume of entries, payment for entry fees must be made with cash or check

Pictured - Section of Homage to the Ancestors by Clifford Darrett


Phillip Erbaugh


Lobby Gallery

Opening Reception Friday 11/08/24, 6pm-8pm

The Middletown Arts Center presents the 2023 Presidents Award Winner, Phillip Erbaugh.

Annually, the Presidents Award is given during the Area Art Exhibition to an artist who displays an inherent depth in their work, paired with mastery and interest in their medium. The winner is awarded an exhibition the following year.

More information to come.

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