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the 2022 exhibition season is supported by:
the miriam g. knoll foundation and pnc bank

Current & Upcoming EXhibits

BOS Bill Woody Wind in the Perot #3 2021_edited.jpg

2022 Photography & Digital Art Competition and Exhibit

Sponsored by John & Pat Dupps

September 9 - October 20, 2022

Main Exhibition Hall

Preview Event: September 9, 6-8pm

Featuring wine and the mellow acoustic music of Mick Salyer


The Bold Colors of A.S. Murrill

August 3 - September 28, 2022

Lobby Gallery


Thursday, August 4, 6-7:30

We are excited to present the bold, contemporary works of A.S. Murrill in our Lobby Gallery!


Explore life out loud with Anthony's bright colors and heavy textures awakening his subjects on canvas.

These vivid artworks, often larger than life, are bringing a lively perspective and fresh air of excitement to our gallery walls!

For more information about Anthony Murrill and his creative process, please visit his website at:

Pictured: "The Other Side" by A.S. Murrill

2021 bos grace wilhelm_edited.jpg

Area Art Exhibition

Sponsored by Patti Gage in Memory of George Robert Gage

November 11 - December 14, 2022

Main Exhibition Hall

Preview Event: Friday, Nov. 11

Every year we look forward to honoring excellence of artwork created in the greater Cincinnati Dayton region.


Last year saw a robust response from regional artists with a record number entries submitted across multiple mediums, including oils and acrylics, watermedia, drawing, glass, ceramics, enamels, and mixed media.



Click here for prospectus/all entry guidelines


Submission Dates: 10/31-11/3

Pictured: Agnes Day in the Sun, Graphite, Best of Show 2021, Grace Wilhelm


Denise Burge

Work on Paper


Lobby Gallery

From the artist:

I am interested in the romance that we attach to natural space, an illusion onto which we project our desires and fears.  Imagery of the tropical is usually glamorous, a sort of air-brushed cultural fantasy of profusion and sensuality.  I like to expose its more corporeal reality, depicting vernacular tropical living spaces that one finds a few blocks back from the beachfront. 

 These images are collaged from personal travel photos, found photos, and art-historical references... The paintings on paper depict ephemerality- momentary phenomena of light, and loose arrangements of elements. Painterly marks disturb the image, reminding the viewer of the flat surface.

By creating spaces that look back at the viewer in this way, I hope to challenge the motivations behind the desiring gaze,  with a wink towards surface beauty and spatial play.


Paul Rienzo

2021 Area Art Exhibition Presidents Award Winner


Lobby Gallery

Preview Event: To Be Announced

Excerpt from

Cincinnati artist Paul Rienzo believes that “art must tell a story.”  A student of Gestalt psychology, anthropology, and such illustrators as Norman Rockwell and Joseph Leyendecker, Rienzo uses rich color, powerful composition, and remarkable figurative realism to draw the viewer into the psychic narrative of his paintings.  Many of his acrylic works center on Venice Beach, California, where people gather on the boardwalk just to enjoy the ambience of the crowd itself.  His paintings are subtle, social statements regarding the loss of innocence in American life.


“My compositions have a photographic quality, notable in the way the look ‘cropped.”  I want the viewer to imagine there is more happening outside the frame in the same way a photograph represents only a fraction of an event,” Rienzo says.  “At times, it is better to end a painting at a person’s torso rather than include a face that would divert the viewers attention from what you want him or her to see.”


Pictured - Yellow, Goodbye by Paul Rienzo, 2021 Area Art Exhibition Presidents Award Winner


Tomorrow's Artist Today

Featuring regional middle and high school artists


Main Exhibition Hall

Opening Reception:

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Tomorrow’s Artist Today is the premiere opportunity for local middle and high school students to showcase their work in a professionally juried exhibit. Local emerging artists ages 13-18 are encouraged to share their talents with the community in this one-of-a-kind annual exhibit.

Submission Dates: January 9-12, 2023

All entry information can be found on the prospectus here.



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