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the 2021-22 exhibition season is supported by:
the miriam g. knoll foundation, pnc bank, and the middletown community foundation

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Annual Reunion Exhibit
in memory of
Gordon and Betty Hughes

featuring Jack Howard

09/18/2021 - 10/21/2021

Main Exhibit Hall

The Middletown Arts Center is excited to announce that Jack Howard will be the featured solo artist exhibiting in our Annual Reunion Exhibit in memory of Gordon and Betty Hughes.  The opening reception, open to the public, will be held Saturday, September 18 from 1-3 pm. 


This exhibit will feature dozens of new watercolor paintings by Howard as well as a retrospective of some of his most important works, on loan from both MidPointe Library and Miami University. Additionally, some of his most significant architectural renderings of homes will be on display, borrowed from local private collections.  Howard's artwork encompasses the local community and has long been valued for its modern, unique style and historical significance.


His exciting new works are varied and include fresh and colorful contemporary pieces, as well as traditional watercolor works, especially a series of the barrier islands off of North Carolina's Outer Banks.


Look for details preceding the event, and at the opening reception, for your chance to win a new whimsical, highly collectable, original Jack Howard painting, “Where’s Bob?” A longtime supporter of the MAC, Howard is donating all proceeds of the raffle to support the MAC. Raffle information can be found here.

Area Art Exhibition

11/12/2021 - 01/13/2022

Main Exhibition Hall

Middletown Arts Center presents the Annual Area Art Exhibition. This juried competition is open to adult artists working in 2D & 3D media. See the best work from artists within a 50 mile radius of Middletown.

Work to be accepted Monday, November 1st - Thursday, November 4th during business hours - check business hours on prospectus. 

The Area Art Exhibition is presented by Patti Gage in memory and honor of George Robert Gage.

Prospectus Available Here for full details on entry.

*Due to the high volume of entries, payment for entry fees must be made with cash or check*

Pictured - Ocean Eyes, Jan Holladay, Best of Show 2020

Context of Information
Lithographs and Silkscreens by Andrew Au


Lobby Gallery

About the Artist
Born in Chicago in 1972, Andrew was influenced from an early age by science fiction, religion, reading, illustration, and art. With each series of work he produces, he creates a working narrative that sets the parameters for the aesthetic conventions he uses. The concept for each series is the driving force and sets constraints on each body of work. He considers most of his work to be illustrations for parallel and fictitious experiences, academic research of the absurd, artifacts of the intangible.  He teaches at Miami University Regionals and maintains Fuse Press Studio with his wife, Jennifer Purdum, in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can learn more about Fuse Press Studio here.

About the Exhibit - Lobby Gallery

Context of Information

Humanity has been sending radio transmissions into space with the sole purpose of trying to make contact with other intelligent life. Some messages, such as the Aricebo Message, are so cryptic that they fail to function more than notices that they aren’t accidental. For such information transmission to be effective, there has to be an understood context to make the information relevant. I wondered “What if we received visual information? Would we be able to make sense of it?” In this series, I want to ask these questions, “What are we looking at? Are these things alive? Are they technology? Are these things errors in the information transmission  process or instructions? Are these warnings?”

Year 28
Works by Gayle Cobb

10/04/2021 - 11/08/2021

Lobby Gallery

Join us as we celebrate the opening of YEAR 28 in our Lobby Gallery with exhibiting artist Gayle Cobb on Thursday, Oct. 7th from 5-7pm.

Gayle Cobb is a Middletown native who specializes in realistic and children’s Illustration. From the difficulty the individual faces to the curiosity of children, her art focuses on the mundane and the imaginative; a reflection of the artist’s logic intertwined with creativity.

Having attained a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration from Indiana Wesleyan University, she has since shown her art in exhibitions locally and in the surrounding states.


In addition to illustrating for 7 years, Gayle’s previous relevant experience includes completion of an illustrated devotional through WestBow Press, an Illustrated military book through Braughler Books, A longtime member of the Society of Children’s book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), recipient of the 2019 SCBWI Artist Showcase in Cleveland and winner of the Most Promising Manuscript for her portfolio at the 2020 SCBWI San Diego conference.

Learn more about the artist at:

About Year 28

Just as the individual practices a skill to become a professional, “Year 28” is a collection of artworks stemming from the artist continuous perseverance to perfecting her craft; ranging from book illustrations to personal projects.

This exhibit is open to the public with free admission during our regular operating hours. 

2020 President's Award Winner Marcia Waller


Lobby Gallery

The MAC is proud to present the works of our 2020 Area Art Exhibition President's Award Winner Marcia Waller. Her works will be exhibited in our Lobby Gallery concurrently with this year's Area Art Exhibition, 11/12/2021-01/13/2022.

More information coming soon!

This exhibit will be open to the public with free admission during our regular operating hours.