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Supply Lists

We want to help you be prepared for class! You will find a supply list for your class on this page.

Please note that supplies are provided for ALL Youth and Teen Classes unless otherwise noted on the class description. If you have any questions, email us here or call 513-424-2417.

Watercolor Painting Classes


  • All Classes
    • All Ceramics students are required to Purchase a Clay and Firing Package from the MAC. The $85 Package includes 25 lbs. of clay, glazes, and kiln firings for projects made with said clay. Students will also need to purchase a tool Packet which is available for purchase at the MAC for $24.00.

Oils/Acrylics Painting Classes

Jewelry & Enameling

  • Jewelry w/ Joy Dysart
    • There are no supplies required for new students on the first day of class. All necessary tools and materials will be gone over by the instructor on the first day. If you have some tools already, please bring them to your first class.​
  • Enameling w/ Jean Vance
    • Metal pieces to work on are available for purchase in class from the instructor. All other supplies and materials are included.​

Drawing & Cartooning

  • Drawing w/ Ben Frederick - All Levels
    • There are no specific supplies required for this class. Students are advised to bring their preferred choice of drawing materials with them such as graphite, color pencils or pastels.​
  • Exploring Cartooning w/ Craig Boldman - All Levels
    • There are no required materials for this class. Students are encouraged to bring their own preferred drawing materials but paper and pencils are provided. If the student already has a current project in process or in mind, please bring to class.​


  • Stained Glass w/ John Ferrando - Beginners
  • Mosaics

Fiber Arts

  • Fiber Arts w/ Jill Niemiec - All Levels
    • If you are interested in knitting as a beginner, please bring size 7 knitting needles and a skein of worsted yarn in your choice of color. All others (crochet, macrame, etc.) should touch base with the instructor on their project of choice. Contact us for further instructions. More intermediate or experienced knitters (or other fiber artists) should bring their current projects or a project they have in mind to class with the required supplies.


  • Product Photography
  • Alt Photo Processing

1 Day Classes/Workshops

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