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This course is for ALL LEVELS ages 16+ | Instructor: Paul Rienzo


Class Description: Create a photorealistic still-life in acrylics, using innovative tools and techniques. Bringing objects from home, students create their own subject matter. Working from a photo, they will create highly realistic work and achieve a higher personal mastery that can be applied to any medium. 8 weeks. All Levels. Up to 10 students. Open to non-members.


Class Outline

The instructor will complete 1-2 paintings over the course of the class, bringing the works in progress to each class.

Week 1:  After a brief talk on composition, you will compose your still life and take a photo.  Students bring objects and work with instructor to capture image that they will use for the duration of the class. (3 hrs).  Intermediate and advanced students, or those who plan to paint between classes, should bring items for a more ambitious subject matter.  Beginners and those who will only be painting during classes should aim for a simpler subject.

Week 2:  Instructor will bring 8X10 photo and paper prints for transfer for each student.  Students will burnish images onto hardboard and seal with clear gesso. (2 hrs).  There will be a brief talk and demo on Digital Image editing and Photoshop tools.

Week 3:  Color wash board (2 hrs).   There will be a brief talk on instructor's favorite paints and tools and a slide show of start to finish progression.

Week 4-6:  Detail painting (2 hrs).  Talks over these three weeks will include a live instructor demo, overcoming challenges with acrylics, and working with a big idea for a body of work.

Week 7-8:  Finishing (2 hrs).  Talks on stocking your creativity well, and the History of Still Life.



About the instructor: Paul Rienzo is an award winning artist in Cincinnati, Ohio. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including an article in American Artist’s Watercolor Magazine. He has shown around the US, including a solo exhibition in New York City’s Soho district. His work is found in numerous collections, including the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Plaza in La Paz, Bolivia. Paul is also an experienced juror and three time author. Paul is the President's Award Winner of the MAC's 2021 Area Art Exhibition. To learn more about Paul and see his work, visit his website here:


Painting from Photos - Photorealism with Acrylics

  • 8 week session $136 + $25 lab fee for shared class materials = $161 total

    Thursdays | April 25 -  June 13

    6:30pm-8:30pm (First class ONLY will be 3 hours - 6pm-9pm)

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