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Open to Adults and Ages 13+ | Instructor: Anisha Kanakia Sanghani

1-Day Class

Wednesday, August 28, 6:00pm-7:30pm **Intermediate, but open to all levels

Wednesday, October 2, 6:00pm-7:30pm **Beginner-focused, but open to all levels


Dive right into this ancient art form and discover why so many people across time and the world adorn the human body with this simple plant. If you’ve never made a henna paste, cone or tried the application process then this class is for you! All supplies included in cost.


In This Class, You'll Learn:

What is Henna

Prepare a Henna Paste

Making a henna applicator (plastic cone)

Traditional Henna Design Forms

Safety and Care Methods



You'll Walk Away From This Class With:

A Henna Tattoo from the instructor

A sheet with traditional henna patterns you learn



Safety/allergy information: Henna used in class will be 100% herbal/natural and free of any form of chemicals/dyes. Natural ingredients found in the kitchen are used to create your henna paste :)A minimum of 5 students must enroll in this class.

Henna Tattoo/Mehndi Workshop

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