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The info you need about the Power of Art Auction. Contact us if you have further questions!

How does the check-in process work? Will I need a ticket?

Our check-in process at the auction is easy. No tickets are needed, simply proceed to the entrance table upon your arrival at the event.


Will there be handicap accessible parking available?

We will have handicap accessible parking available at the venue near the entrance. There will also be shuttle services from the parking area to the entrance.


What is the suggested attire for the evening?

We recommend for guests to wear semi-formal attire to the auction.


How can I become an auction sponsor?

Please contact our Executive Director, Kate Dykes at: 513-424-2417 or


Can the catered dinner accommodate my special dietary needs?

Please contact us with any concerns regarding dietary restrictions as soon as possible so we discuss your options regarding dietary needs.


How does the auction work?

We have different types of auctions and fundraising options occurring at this event. There will be a live auction, a silent auction, and raffle baskets. Certain artworks and unique offerings are available in different auction or raffle settings. The 5:00pm Preview Social Hour is intended to give guests an opportunity to decide which items they are interested in purchasing. If you have more detailed questions, please contact us at 513-424-2417.


I’m unable to attend the auction. Can I still bid on artwork?

Did you see something you like on the website or was there a piece hanging in our gallery that caught your eye? We are accepting proxy bids for certain pieces of artwork. Please contact us for further information at 513-424-2417.


I’m unable to attend the auction, but I’d still like to support the MAC. How can I do that?

This biennial fundraiser supports art experiences for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities for the next two years! We have several options for donors to support our vision and mission here at the MAC. You are welcome to donate via our website, in person, by mail, or over the phone. If you have certain directives on your donation, please contact us directly so that we may ensure your gift is used in line with your wishes.

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