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Woven Oui Jars Adults & 16+ | Instructor Susan Marine

Two-Day Workshop: Tuesday September 17th and
Tuesday September 24th 

6:30pm-8PM  $85


Join us for a creative and hands-on experience in weaving decorative jars using various materials and techniques. This two-session class will guide you through the process of crafting beautiful Woven Oui Jars, with an opportunity to explore different patterns and materials. All necessary materials will be provided, including a variety of reeds, canes, and lanyard lacing in multiple colors. Students are encouraged to let their creativity shine by experimenting with different patterns and color combinations. Each jar will be a unique piece of art, showcasing individual creativity and technique. Come and join us for an engaging and fun-filled class where you can learn new skills and create beautiful, functional art pieces!

Woven Oui Jar

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