Photoshop Digital Photo Editing (Tues)

  • Instructor: Ron Wilson

    Cost: $120

    Tuesdays - 10-noon, 8 weeks starting Oct. 26

    Photoshop Digital Photo Editing

    This course explains how to improve your photos on your computer. Explanations and demonstrations will be made using Photoshop. These lessons are applicable to Photoshop Elements as well. The non-technical presentations will help you learn fundamental skills of photo editing. Learn how to improve any photo, fix a problem photo, and turn a good photo into a prize winner. Techniques described are intended to be simple, quick and easy. Some experience with digital photo imaging would be helpful. Laptops are welcome. This course is targeted for novice to intermediate photographers.

    Topics covered in this course include:

    • Digital photography file types, file management and workflow.
    • Introduction to the Photoshop workspace.
    • Cropping and sizing.
    • Adjusting lighting, contrast and color to make your photos look better.
    • Working selectively with only parts of your photo for great results.
    • Layers made easy. Understanding and using layers and layer masks to improve your photos.
    • Resizing, sharpening and emailing photos.
    • Special effects such as black & white, frames, and artistic styles.
    • RAW Conversion