Enameling- Weds. 1pm

  • Instructor: Jean Vance

    Wednesday - 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. - 7 wks starting Oct. 27 no class 11/24

    Lab Fee - $16.00 covers firing and colored powder. Copper pieces to work on are additional cost from instructor.

    Enameling (glass on metal) is one of the most ancient art forms. Beginning students will learn the many techniques of manipulating powdered, lump, and thread glass. Experienced students will continue to develop skills and designs. High temperature firing in the kiln produces beautiful and unexpected creations of jewelry and accent pieces.

    ** Due to student safety and liability concerns with the art center, those who are equipped with oxygen will not be permitted to take the Jewelry or Enameling class due to the equipment that is used. We apologize for any disappointment.